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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Arduino MP3 Alarm Clock

This post is timely - get it? :P

I need to wake up really early tomorrow morning - which makes it totally appropriate to post about a DIY alarm clock before going to bed :)

This alarm clock is made up of 12864ZW graphical LCD which has 128×64 pixels for displaying time information, the brain would be an Arduino Mega2560 with the Arduino u8glib and software SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface Bus) for communication.

Time is kept by the DS3231 from Dallas Maxim - which communicates through I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit). The title says MP3 - yup! this alarm clock plays MP3s when its time to wake up! To store the MP3 files an SDCard break out board is connected to a SPI port. For decoding and playing the MP3 a LCsoft VS1053 MP3 module is coupled with a 0.25W speaker.

What song would wake you up? Copy it in! Click read more for the song that would wake bootfetch :P

Cheers see you tomorrow for more posts!