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The Wolfram Language and Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi

Imma big fan of wolfram alpha - getting plots and roots is very easy using this online tool but wolfram research has more to offer! Last november 21st Stephen Wolfram announced that the Wolfram Language along with Mathematica will be bundled with the standard Raspberry Pi's system software - so this would mean we can now put complex mathematical, algortihmic, visual data processing (and a lot more) in your Raspberry Pi single board computer!

Along with the announcement is the announcement about the wolfram language - I have not seen this yet but by the name wolfram itself this is some good stuff! I imagine that this would be like an API to wolfram alpha - but its called a language so this should be even better than what im thinking. You got a Raspberry Pi? Get mathematica and the wolfram language here!

PS. Im really sweating right now - I wanna get an R-Pi for myself ahahaha

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