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Monday, December 2, 2013

A Clock Made From an Old Hard Drive and ATMega16

This project from stromer has been around for quite sometime and was just recently posted. Its a clock! Not your ordinary wall clock which takes a single AA sized battery and would be alive for a year. This one is made out of a 20 year old hard drive - we are talking of Megabytes here people.

The clock turns by 30 degrees as time passes every hour. While the slider read/write head of the hard drive will point to the line which indicates minutes. Minimal modification was done on the hardrive's hardware. Thus the stepper motors are still there. The time however is kept using an ATMega16 microcontroller. The ATMega16 will drive 4 transistors which provides prower to the stepper motor pins - these transistors are necessary since the digital pins of the ATMega16 could not provide the current needed by the stepper motor.