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Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Air Hockey Robot Using 3D Printer Parts

When you are lonely and have a lot of spare 3D printer part - the best way to kill time is to build an unbeatable (?) air hockey robot like the one you see on the picture below!

If I will be given a name for this, I will call it Player 2 :p

The project is built from readily available stuff like NEMA17 stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, Arduino Mega, RAMPS, belts , bearings, rods and a few printed pieces (designs of the printed pieces is open source). Similar to our post yesterday this robotic air hocker player operates with a camera on top of the table taking images and a computer that is running openCV to process the images, calculate action and control the steppers. The robot has three modes - defense, defence + attack and ATTACK! Basically you are made to choose on how you will lose!