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Monday, March 3, 2014

PlotClock - writes the time for you

When it first appeared on thingverse the PlotClock was rocki n! Its not a surprise that a lot of people also built their own version (see gallery after the break). The plot clock is pretty straight forward - you got two servos to take the pen left to right, up or down and you have a third servo that would raise and lower the pen. You might wanna make a two servo version that would not need to raise the pen when writing - let me know hoe it works!

You will also need an arduino - of course to control the servos and to serve as the time keeper. The arduino can keep time but I would prefer having a dedicated time keeper like a Maxim semiconductor real time clock (RTC) to keep the time and won't die out (reset) when the main power is cut.

PlotClock Video!

PlotClock Pictures!

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