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Resistor Value Identification Using OpenCV

Back in college I was taught about: "Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violeta Give Willingly" to help me identify resistor values, Black == Bad == 0, Boys == Brown == 1, ect..

Armageddon has a different way to make things easier - he pulled out a webcam and the handy dandy OpenCV and with a bit of code  made himself a resistor value identification system which he calls ResCan. ResCan can identify resistor values through the colors of the bands (like how everyone else without an ohm-meter does it) - the blue lines on the picture above are the lines where he samples the colors. He intentionally avoided the center of the resistor because the reflection of light might cause him problems. The thing is that even when tilted ResCan can still accurately identify resistor values through the color code!

ResCan Video!


Check out the ResCan Jar file here.

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