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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Electrocardiograph and Heart Rate Monitor Using an Arduino

Most of the arduino projects that takes measurements from the heart (the ones that I have seen) only takes heart rate - this one no, its arduino based yet (using a scope) it can get the plot of your heart beat for an upclose inspection /gg.

Now to start off what do you need? An Instrumentation amplifier like the INA128, an Operational amplifier like an LM741, ofc our favorite Arduino Uno (could be a clone), a 16x2 characters liquid crystal display, a5 volt voltage regulator like 7805, an 8 ohms mini speaker (to make lots of noise :p ), brigth LEDs, a diode 1N3064, two 9V batteries with connectors, a breadboard and a few jumper wires - and if you wanna go into the heart beat details you will need an oscilloscope :)

To connect the thing to your body you will need probes and you will need wires and aluminum foild for them - ECG gel is expensive, shower gel will do as substitute (some projects even used pennies as probes - i wonder if they are more effective flattened like the ones you get on museums) :)

Project Video!