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Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know fet. 13 Floppy Drives and 1 HardDrive

How's your day people? Mine wasn't that bad - learned a thing or two on MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). Previously I only know MIDIs are the ones used in kareoke players now some people are using MIDIs on phones for ring tunes (polyphonics) some on thier door chimes and some other music related stuff - the project i found below is based on Moppy a MIDI player consisting of old computer parts (Some really large floppy drives back in the 90's!) and is driven by an Arduino - O yes! Arduino and the code is available!

This project takes advantage of the creeking sound produced by the the stepper motors in the floppy drive when moving the read/write head - making them move in diferent frequencies makes a different tone - lets see your thumb drives do that (hahaha).

Im actually planning to build one of there when i get back :)

Got old floppy drives? Not using them? Ide be glad to give them a new home.

Credits: the picture in the featured came from this link.

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