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PATOSS - An Online Bird Monitoring System Built On The Raspberry Pi

Jorge found a bird with a broken leg on the street - a mini plaster is required for the leg to heal properly. Like most pet lovers Jorge doesn't feel comfortable when leaving an injurt ped alone at home. To keep his peace of mind he put together an internet enabled bird monitoring system. At least he found a good excuse (application) for his Rasberry Pi.

A Raspberry Pi running Raspbain was rigged with a camera for video streaming to check out how Pato (nope the bird is not a duck) is doing - can also take pictures and streaming was done using a linux application called motion. Theres an SD Card for recording when movement is detected. Jorge also added a liquid level sensor to check the water level (its a floater her got from ebay) and a usb temperature sensor to check the environmental temperature - ide like to hook a simmilar rig for my fishroom!

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