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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Don't Do This At Home Flame Thrower

From the title itself - as cool as it is PLEASE DON'T DO THIS AT HOME.

Now this is a 5 step instructable in building a hand strapped flame thrower - yes like the how the human torch blasts fire. This project can be build from materials that can be found at home. Check out the video and the bill of materials after the break.

  • Shin pads or arm pads that have a hard surface - will be used for the butane canister

  • A coke (or a Pepsi? hehe) bottle

  • Aquarium tubing

  • 2 pieces of BBQ sticks

  • A piece of 10cm brass

  • Epoxy (Ide prefer thermal epoxy over super glue)

  • Heavyduty sellotape

  • Gloves

  • Metal piece that can be found on the tip of a pen

  • Another piece of metal that can be shaped

  • Long Zip Ties

  • Small washer

  • Butane canister (with a cone shapped nozzle)

  • Brass rings used in curtains

  • A small piece of tube