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Paper-Craft Based Analog Clock Using an Arduino and a Bunch of ServoMotors

While trying to look for a wrist watch to give as a gift, I came across this paper analog clock. This pretty much reminds me of those days that I am still fond of making scrap books. This clock, which was designed by Alvin Aronson, actually uses basic scrap book materials such as paper cutter, glue gun, and well, knife.

But of course, it also uses an Arduino and 28 servos to move digits in and out of the pane. Instead of LEDs, a severn segment clock was used. This clock no longer requires soldering of the components. Yey! It's very convenient for the hands that aren't meant to solder, and that's pretty much me. Another good thing about this project is that you can replace the Arduino Uno and motor controllers with Arduino Mega, since it also has the power to control 64 servos.

I'd love to see one of these beside my bed. Check out the video on how it works by clicking read more.

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