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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Custom Gaming Keyboard Using an ATmega8U2

After a long, tiresome day at work, I always feel the need to do something else that would somehow make me forget how I liked to kick some hind side earlier or find a way to forget my superiors blabber about things. I just simply want to leave the pressure outside my doorsteps. In succeeding this, I find online games a very good avenue.

The advent of customized key board for hot keys, such as Andreas, comes very handy. And most of all, creating this can also be so much fun. You would just need old keyboards, and a frame of your choice. The matrix is just simple. Since it's inevitable to press multiple keys simultaneously. each button should have their own diode.

This improvised key board can be powered by an ATmega8U2, which has a programmed DFU bootloader. For this to be used as an HID-Device, the LUFA-USB Framework can be utilized.

By using this keyboard, it is definitely faster to use the hotkeys. You would no longer require your fingers to be long and twisted to keep your character alive and kicking. This is how games should be played--the engineer way.