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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arduino Based Volt, Amp, Watt Meter Build on the ZXCT1010

Power monitoring is one of my favorite subjects back in college - you should have seen the tears of joy falling down my cheeks when I first leared how to use the two watt meter method to measure power consumed in a three phase system :), heres a link explaning the thing.

This project is built on a ZXCT1010 high side current sense monitor which will translate current passing through a shunt resistor into smaller voltages that can be measured using the analog to digital converter (ADC) on an Arduino Nano v3. When we talk about units Watts is Voltage x Current - to complete the stuff that we need for a full power monitor a voltage divider is used to attenuate the 220 line into levels accepted by the Arduino's ADC (maximum is depending on the reference that you use) - this also keeps your Arduino from blowing up. After voltage and current data are taken they are then used to calculate power - the equatoin earlier and then all three values are printed out on a Nokia 5110 liquid crystal display.

You can check out the ZXCT1010's datasheet here.