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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Arduino Based Environmental Monitoring

Keeping track of environmental parameters can be critical - you can't keep chocolates in a very hot place or they will melt and will look like delicous poop :p

This is a 14 step instructible that walks you through the contruction of an environmental monitoring system based on an arduino (oh yes our favorite toy) - it uses a colored TFT display to show temperature, humidity, dew point, light intensity and time all in one wide screen. It uses a DTH11 sensor to measure both humidity and temperature (talk about sensing combo) while using a light dependent resistor (LDR) to measure light intensity. And it doesn't stop there, an ultra sonic sensor is also added to measure distance from an object - I already did mention time earlier and it is kept using a Tiny RTC which is a real time clock module based on the Atmel1307 real time clock - it comes with a battery so that it can still keep track of time even if the Arduino is off and it communicates using I2C ( I-squared-C). Check out the sample video by or clicking the read more link below.