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Controlling a Hexapod Using Just Your Hands with LEAP Motion

While browsing around the web I found my way into this site and found an amazingly smooth moving hexapod that moves with your hands motion - i can picture a puppeteer making a puppet spider move and without strings!

The motion sensing part of this project is done through Leap Motion, what currently done is mapping the x, y, z, yaw, pitch and roll of the user's (i like calling the puppeteer) hand into motions of the hexapod - it's not a direct translate but smoothing and reverse kinematics is done first before motion data is sent to the hexapod. Motion data is sent through TCP/IP - the Raspberry Pi on the hexapod takes the data in using a python scripts and controls the servo motors in the hexapod's joints - to stop the motion tracking a simple key tap from any of the fingers will end the hand to pod connection.

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