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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

VertiBot: An Inverted Pendulum on an Arduino Nano

Inverted pendulums are grand! some of them have a single joint some have two - this one is one the floor and moves using a differential-type drive composed of two geared DC motors to propel forward and backward.

The brain of this inverted pendulum is an ATmega328 running 16MHz in an Arduino Nano, motion sensing is made through  anADXL345 and a ITG3200 using I2C communications. The motors are driven using a Qik2sv1 from Pololu. There's also a bluetooth module to wirelessly communicate. A MCP1700 voltage regulator is used to keep a stable 3.3V supply for the arduino nano and the rest of the stuff. Most inverted pendulums are operated using feedback theory - this one is one of them using PID (proportional-integral-derivative) and it uses a set of potentiometers to tune in the three components for a smooth ride.