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Friday, August 2, 2013

TV B Gone + Arduino = TV-Go-Sleep, Saving Electricity One TV at a Time

I think everybody have tried sleeping without turning off the television - some just went off to bed, some forgot, well most of us is just too lazy to reach for the remote on the other side of the bed - and no a smaller bed wont fix things so one faithful weekend people at make decided that its time to make and end of this wasteful lifestyle and Boom! TV-Go-Sleep was born.

Built on an Arduino and a TV-B-Gone, the TV-Go-Sleep can be prgrammed to turn off any television (as long as it knows the turn off infrared sequence). Tighly packed in a case the TV-Go-Sleep has a 7-segment display which indicates how many minutes will it wait till bursting out sequences of turn off signals to your TV. Now to set the timmer you will have to push a button multiple times (until the desired time is set) then place the TV-Go-Sleep in position such that the infrared LEDs are pointing towards the TV and your all set to watch TV while not worrying of wasting electricity when you accidentally fell a sleep :p

The thing is built around an arduino - and its source code and schematic are openly available, its time to build your own TV-Go-Sleep with your own modification - how about a remote that changes channels every hour or when a scheduled program is already starting..What ya think?