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Monday, January 6, 2014

Control Your Sofa With Your Phone Using a Raspberry-Pi

GeekyNicki and Kevin, wanted to control their reclining sofa using their smart phone/watch. How cool would that be - with a single touch on your smartwatch and your sofa would recline, it would also be a nice prank too have your friend sit in the sofa while watching a horror movie then press the freakin thing to scare the bunnies out of him :)

How did they do it? They rigged the raspberry-pi with a bunch of relays (the current requirement of the relays reached more than half an amp thus they needed to use an external supply) to control the motors. A webserver is implemented on the raspberry-pi using Ruby gems, this would make the sofa's Raspberry accessible through to thier home network. All the smarpt phone/watch have to do is connec to the home network and have the app running and the sofa is in your hands :)

How about the controller than comes with the sofa? They didn't ditch the thing instead they hooked the controller to the Raspberry-Pi using opto-isolators (couplers). They needed to have the opto-couplers to avoid frying the Raspberry Pi - so what's next? Raspberry pi controlled toaster?