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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Portable Gaming Rig Using a Raspberry Pi

Travis Reynolds is a very cool guy - hosting an arcade party for his co-workers, serving old-school games (and booze?). But sometimes parties needs to be taken someplace else - but he is the only one with a gaming rig - its time to make it portable he said!

Using his raspberry Pi, a joy stick, a bunch of buttons and a small monitor, Travis recycled an old briefcase into a portable gaming rig oozing with awesomeness. He ripped open his monitors brackets and squeezed the LCD along with a 12 source into the briefcase - after that he took the joy stick and the buttons and placed them on the other half of the breifcase - one thing to note the freakin joystick has a ball on it! I can't imagine old school gaming without that ball on top of the joystick.

What games can this thing run? Well basically anything that the R-Pi can run :)