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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CASSAPA - Augmented Reality Pool

When I was young I lived neer a billiards place - I would go there everyday watching as one guy takes the other guy's money. It was all seem so simple, use the stick to hit the cue ball (the white one :p) and let the cue ball hit the other ball and the other ball should fall into a pocket. BUT! when you do it your self the cue ball seems to have a mind of its own and goes to a bit different direction. Cassapa is for me! Its a computer aided shooting system for playing die hard pool!

Cassapa starts of with a webcam mounted on the top of the table - it captures images that is pulled out by a dedicated software. The software also calculates the game physics, after that it feeds data to a projector to overlay the aiming layout. It will draw lines of where the cue ball is expected to hit - just like the virtual pool game! By the way Cassapa is the portuguese word for pool table pocket. Watch the video below and be amazed :)