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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Myra - An Intelligent Robotic Lighting System

There couldn't be any other place to start home automation other than lights - yes they can be easily turned on and off but during lazy times it can be very difficult. Believe me I know hahaha - my room mate and I once had a string attached to the light to avoid getting up to turn it off.

Ken our guy from japan would not take things simply and instead took things to another level! He made a number of robotic arms that holds a LED lamp and placed them around the area. He then used an RGBD sensor (like a kinect baby!)  to track movements on real time. And lastly a PC is rigged so that it will process the images from the sensor. The images are analyzed and the PC will adjust send commands to each Myra to give the user the best lighting for his activity.  The visualizations on the system is doen through JMonleyEngine while the processing of the RGBD sensor feed is taken cared of by a Java program using OpenNI and NiTE.

Check out the video below to see Myra in action.